Consumers Digest’s 2016 Automotive Best Buys

4What do you get when you combine 54 years of commitment to the consumer, scrutiny of 12 automobile design and performance characteristics, and 124 combined years of behind-the-wheel auto know-how? Consumers Digest’s Automotive Best Buy recommendations for the 2016 model year, that’s what. That means 48 recommended vehicles (across 13 classes of automobiles) that represent exceptional values in each segment. It means evaluation of specific vehicle attributes; analysis by and feedback from six longtime automotive journalists; answers to questions that you would pose to dealers and salespeople yourself.

What don’t you get? You don’t get dated, often inappropriate recommendations of vehicles that are based solely on prior model-year surveys. You don’t get reviews by amateurs. You don’t get recommendations that are rooted in bias.

The editors of Consumers Digest are proud of the stringent nature of the publication’s process and evaluation across dozens of categories, in general. The publication’s research and reporting on the automotive sector is no exception. This includes constant scrutiny of the automotive marketplace to identify shifts in vehicle production and in consumer demand, to ensure that shopper’s needs are best met.

As for the analysis and reviews that we provide: You can expect first-hand, authoritative insight that drills down to the specifics that pertain directly to what you’ll experience when you get behind the wheel.* Observations like:

It can be equipped with a brake-energy-regeneration system that helps to increase fuel efficiency, but it’s hardly worth the extra cost, because it saves only an extra 1 mpg.
We’d love to see an available upgrade that has another 30 or 40 horses to further complement the vehicle’s energetic handling capabilities.
A performance-tuned suspension is newly offered. When we put it through its paces, we found that it improves the car’s handling a notch, but it’s not essential.
Handling is mostly precise, but it’s not as agile as some smaller and more athletic coupes.
A nicely designed interior, unfortunately, is plagued by too many control buttons at the center of the dashboard.
The newly available Sync 3 media control system is easier to operate than the confounding array that was included in previous versions.
We found that an available air suspension comes in handy to lower the ride height for easier entry or to raise it for added off-road ground clearance.
A smooth ride and lively nature defy its sheer size.
So, click on the links of the specific automobile categories at left to avail yourself to Best Buy recommendations that hit home like no others can.

* Reviews of vehicles generally are published around the time of their introduction. Figures and other information that are noted in the reviews could vary with those that you will find now.

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